Annamarie Morris

Annamarie Morris' work involves large scale woodcut relief prints. Most prints are between 24x24 inches and 38.5x50 inches, but smaller works are available as well. The relief printing process involves carving an image out of wood before printing multiple, but limited editions of each image.

Recent projects include the Amoeba series, which are all woodcut reduction monoprints. These have been an experiment in the reduction carving and printing process, as well as unexpected layering. These are an ongoing project and means of exploring contemporary subject matter and color combinations through more traditional printmaking methods, as well as pushing beyond established edition practices to create individualized, unique pieces (each one in the series is a unique Artist's Proof, making it also a series of monoprints).

For more information, email or direct message via Instagram @annamariekmorris.

Commission and custom project requests encouraged!